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Foreign Press on Prime Minister Modi


Europe: ‘Blinded by Ideology’: Outlook Magazine (Click to read) 

“Instead of seeking to understand why Indians voted for the BJP in such great numbers, they are being presented as an irrational mob ‘misled and intimidated by a mammoth election campaign funded by big business’.”

Pakistan: ‘Demystifying India’s Modi-fication’: The Nation (Click to read)

“The Pakistani intelligentsia and political community is however, making itself conspicuous with little to no objective analysis of Indian elections. This indifference of Pakistan’s civil society and intelligentsia could be partly attributed to the general paranoia that surrounds us…”

Israel: ‘Terra Incognita: Why Modi matters’: Jerusalem Post (Click to read)

“The world needs more leaders like India’s incoming PM, not because of his checkered past, but because we need to not fear national, linguistic and religious pride and nation-states that respect their origins”

US: ‘Modi, India’s next Prime Minister, adopts a softer tone’: New York Times (Click to read)

“Narendra Modi, the son of a provincial tea seller, was overcome by emotion on Tuesday after members of his political group, the Bharatiya Janata Party, endorsed him as India’s next prime minister.”


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